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KDC  Responds to False Claims, Affirms Pressure Group Status

In response to recent assertions made by the Government Chief Whip, Hon. Stafford Mulusa, regarding Mr. Muhabi Lungu’s decision to form a political party, the spokesperson for the Kum’mawa Development Coalition (KDC), Chanoda Ngwira, has issued a statement clarifying the coalition’s position.

Mr. Ngwira emphasized that there is no connection between Mr. Muhabi Lungu’s personal decision and the KDC, also known as Umodzi Kum’mawa. 

He firmly stated that the coalition remains dedicated to its role as a pressure group and has no intentions of transforming into a political party.

The statement rebuffed what it deemed as “baseless accusations” and urged Hon. Mulusa to concentrate on his duties as Government Chief Whip, particularly focusing on democratizing Parliament and addressing pressing national concerns. 

The spokesperson highlighted issues such as the soaring cost of living, exchange rates, fuel and mealie meal prices, and the state of democracy as areas needing attention.

Furthermore, the KDC emphasized its commitment to promoting unity among Easterners and advocating for their rights and interests in all sectors. As a coalition, their goal is to strategically advance development programs for the people of Eastern Province within the broader context of Zambia’s modernization and development.

The statement reiterated that KDC operates as a pressure group aimed at advocating for the equal distribution of national resources and promoting the engagement of local communities to realize their developmental potential. It underscored the importance of prioritizing the interests of Easterners in national agendas while fostering inclusivity and fairness.

In conclusion, the KDC reaffirmed its stance as a non-partisan entity focused on advocating for the rights and development of Easterners, distancing itself from the political decisions and alignments of individual members. The coalition remains steadfast in its mission to advance the interests of Eastern Province and contribute to the overall progress of Zambia.

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