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CSO-SUN Urges Government Action to Combat Rising Poverty and Food Insecurity in Zambia

The Civil Society Organization Scaling Up Nutrition Alliance (CSO-SUN) has underscored the need for intensified efforts from the Zambian government to address escalating poverty levels and food insecurity in the country.

In an official press release issued today, CSO-SUN Country Coordinator Daniel Kalala commended the government’s commitment to transforming the agricultural sector.

Kalala highlighted the recent announcement by the Head of State during Youth Day commemoration, which waived taxes on all agriculture and irrigation equipment. He described this move as a positive step forward, particularly in the face of severe climate change effects.

However, Kalala emphasized the importance of effective implementation of these tax waivers, urging the government to communicate a clear time frame for their full execution. He stressed that such measures are crucial for advancing food and nutrition security goals, aligning with Sustainable Development Goal number 2 to combat hunger by 2030.

Expressing concern over the escalating poverty levels characterized by high commodity costs, CSO-SUN urged President Hakainde Hichilma to outline a comprehensive roadmap towards eradicating hunger and poverty in the country during tomorrow’s state of the nation address.

The organization cited recent findings from the Zambia Statistics Agency (ZAMSTATS) 2022 poverty assessments report, revealing a rise in poverty levels to 60%, compared to 54.4% in 2015. CSO-SUN emphasized that these statistics should serve as a wake-up call for the nation to address underlying challenges hindering food and nutrition security.

CSO-SUN urged the government to prioritize enhancing access to basic foods, particularly mealie-meal, and called for effective implementation of the National Food and Nutrition Policy and the 8th National Development Plan (8NDP).

They stressed the importance of achieving sustainable food and nutrition security to foster a well-nourished and healthy population capable of contributing effectively to national economic development.

The CSO-SUN’s impassioned plea highlights the urgent need for concerted efforts from all stakeholders to address the root causes of poverty and food insecurity, ensuring a brighter and more sustainable future for all Zambians.

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