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Emirates Supports Customers During Ramadan with Special Services

As the Holy Month of Ramadan approaches, Emirates announces its commitment to serving its customers observing the sacred occasion with a range of special services.

During Ramadan, Emirates will provide thousands of meal boxes for fasting passengers onboard and at boarding gates. These boxes will include traditional Ramadan dishes and refreshments, such as Arabic sweets, dates, lentil soup, and main courses like Arabic mixed grill and chicken kabsa.

Emirates lounges at Dubai International Airport will also offer traditional Arabic sweets, dates, and coffee, along with dedicated prayer rooms for worshippers.

Fasting passengers at select Emirates boarding gates will receive complimentary iftar boxes containing water, laban, a banana, and dates to break their fast. To ensure accuracy in determining iftar times, Emirates employs a unique tool that calculates the sunrise and sunset times based on the aircraft’s location.

Emirates will introduce nutritionally balanced Ramadan meal boxes for passengers across all cabin classes on select flights, featuring dishes representing the rich Emirati heritage. These boxes, designed by Emirates, will include a variety of light bites, sandwiches, and sweet treats alongside traditional dates and laban.

For Umrah groups traveling to Jeddah and Medina during Ramadan, Emirates will serve Ramadan boxes and allow passengers to check in one bottle of Islamic holy water ‘ZAMZAM’ up to 5 litres per person.

During the Holy Month, Emirates’ in-flight entertainment system, ice, will feature special religious content and popular series in Arabic, Urdu, and Hindi. Passengers can also access the Holy Qur’an on ice, along with a wide selection of on-demand entertainment options.

Emirates provides Ramadan awareness training for its cabin crew and ground teams to ensure they understand the cultural significance of Ramadan and can provide the highest level of service to customers throughout their journey.

With these initiatives, Emirates aims to support its customers observing Ramadan and enhance their travel experience during this special time.

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