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NGO WASH Forum Calls for Transparency in Sector Reporting

The Zambia NGO WASH Forum has emphasized the importance of transparency among Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) sector players, urging them to adopt more open practices before holding the government accountable.

In a recent quarterly meeting held at The Urban Hotel in Lusaka, Forum Board Chairperson Marlon Phiri highlighted the significance of accurate reporting in aiding government planning and evaluation efforts.

Mr. Phiri welcomed participants to the meeting, emphasizing the collaborative nature of the gathering where partners come together to exchange information and experiences. Notably, the meeting coincided with the upcoming World Water Day on March 22nd, 2024, prompting discussions on joint activities to commemorate the event effectively.

The Ministry of Water Development and Sanitation, in collaboration with sector partners, has developed Reporting Templates aimed at facilitating more precise data collection and analysis.

These templates are designed to assist non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other stakeholders in accurately reporting their activities, ultimately contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of the sector’s progress.

Mr. Phiri stressed the importance of adherence to these new reporting standards, emphasizing that accountability is a two-way street. While NGOs often demand accountability from the government, they must also be transparent about their own activities and outcomes.

The introduction of Reporting Templates marks a significant step towards enhancing governance within the WASH sector, according to Florence Mwenya, Senior Planner for Monitoring and Evaluation at the Ministry of Water Development and Sanitation.

These templates will provide valuable insights into the sector’s performance, aiding in the realization of goals outlined in the 8th National Development Plan.

In a statement issued by the Zambia NGO WASH Forum’s Administration Officer, Zama L. Banda, the Forum reiterated its commitment to promoting transparency and accountability within the sector.

The Forum encourages all stakeholders to embrace the new reporting standards as a means of fostering greater cooperation and effectiveness in achieving WASH-related objectives.

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