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Recruitment of Cholera Volunteers 

The Civil Service Commission, under the leadership of Chairperson Dr. Choolwe Beyani, has announced the recruitment of volunteers who worked tirelessly in various Cholera centers across Zambia into the Civil Service, marking a significant move towards recognizing their selfless dedication.

Addressing the nation and media representatives on Wednesday, 6th March 2024, Dr. Beyani expressed gratitude to all volunteers who risked their health to save others during the Cholera outbreak. 

He emphasized the importance of their service and highlighted the meticulous validation process undertaken to ensure no volunteer was omitted from consideration.

Following a directive from the Republican President, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, the Civil Service Commission collaborated with the Ministry of Health and the Public Service Management Division to identify vacant positions within the Civil Service. 

A total of 314 positions have been identified in the healthcare sector, including roles such as Junior Resident Medical Officers, Registered Nurses, Clinical Officers, and other vital healthcare professionals.

Dr. Beyani outlined that the recruitment process would be conducted in phases, with the first phase comprising the appointment of the 314 health workers identified. He assured the nation that the Commission is working tirelessly to ensure all volunteers are absorbed into the Civil Service.

For transparency, Dr. Beyani announced that the list of successful candidates from the first phase recruitment would be published in prominent newspapers such as the Times of Zambia, The Zambia Daily Mail, and the News Diggers. 

Additionally, the list will be posted on the Civil Service Commission and Ministry of Health websites and Facebook pages, as well as at the Heroes Stadium. Successful candidates are instructed to collect their appointment letters from the Public Service Management Division (PSMD) Offices starting on Monday, 11th March 2024.

Dr. Beyani concluded by thanking all volunteers for their dedication and urging patience as the Commission continues its efforts to absorb all volunteers into the Civil Service.

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