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Zambia NGO WASH Forum Opposes Inclusion of District Commissioners in CDF Committees

The Zambia NGO WASH Forum has taken a stand against the proposed inclusion of District Commissioners (DCs) in Constituency Development Fund Committees (CDFCs), urging Parliament to reconsider the decision.

The proposal, outlined in Part II, Clause 4 (j) of the Constituency Development Fund (Amendment) Bill, N.A.B No.21 of 2023, has sparked concerns among members of the Zambia NGO WASH Forum. 

They argue that while the Head of the Civil Service at the district level plays a crucial role in district development, District Commissioners are often viewed as controversial figures due to their political appointments by the President.

In a memorandum presented to the National Assembly of Zambia, Committee on Local Governance, Housing and Chiefs Affairs, and Committee on Local Government Accounts, the Zambia NGO WASH Forum voiced their reservations regarding the potential ramifications of including DCs in CDFCs.

Chama Mundia, representing the Forum, emphasized that District Commissioners wield significant influence and could potentially overpower the CDFC, thus creating an unlevel playing field. 

Mundia highlighted concerns about the distribution of power within the CDF Committees, warning that the presence of politically connected individuals, such as DCs, could skew decision-making processes.

The Forum’s opposition stems from a desire to maintain fairness and transparency within the CDFCs, ensuring that community development initiatives are not unduly influenced by political considerations. 

By advocating for the exclusion of District Commissioners from CDF Committees, the Zambia NGO WASH Forum aims to safeguard the integrity of local governance structures and promote inclusive decision-making processes.

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