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Gov’t Commences Mobile Network Connectivity Exercise to Bridge Communication Gaps in Rural Kanchibiya

The government has embarked on a significant initiative to install mobile communication towers in Kanchibiya Constituency in order to to address communication disparities in rural areas. 

The endeavor, aimed at bolstering connectivity and fostering development, was officially inaugurated by the Technology and Science Minister, Felix Mutati, at a groundbreaking ceremony held at Chikakala Primary School.

Minister Mutati highlighted the government’s commitment to ensuring comprehensive connectivity, emphasizing the goal of achieving a 96% connectivity target nationwide. 

Speaking at the event, he underscored the importance of inclusive development, stating, “No area should be left behind in our quest for progress.”

The newly constructed 65-meter-high communication tower at Chikakala Primary School is poised to serve the local community and its environs, significantly enhancing daily business activities and communication access for residents. 

Minister Mutati reiterated the government’s prioritization of development over political rhetoric, emphasizing a steadfast dedication to improving the lives of citizens.

Furthermore, Minister Mutati disclosed additional initiatives to bolster technological advancement in rural areas. 

In Muchinga Province, the government has procured 200 computers earmarked for distribution to various schools, including Chikakala Primary School. 

This initiative aims to enhance Information and Communication Technology (ICT) teaching and learning, equipping students with essential digital skills for the future.

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