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IBA Urges Media to Amplify Children’s Voices and Rights

The Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) has called upon broadcasting stations to take on a pivotal role in safeguarding children’s rights by ensuring responsible reporting and amplifying their voices on radio and television platforms.

Eustace Nkandu, the Acting Director General of the Independent Broadcasting Authority, emphasized the critical need for media coverage of children, pointing out that their exclusion from public discourse deprives them of representation on issues affecting their lives.

The call to action coincides with Zambia’s participation in the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting (ICDB) on March 3, 2024. Under the theme “Children’s Voices, Children’s Rights – Our Collective Responsibility,” the occasion underscores the IBA’s dedication to cultivating an inclusive media landscape that empowers children and youth.

The IBA has urged all broadcasting stations to air high-quality programs centered around children on ICDB and to actively involve children in the programming process. 

However, the Authority emphasizes the importance of adhering to laws safeguarding the integrity of minors during broadcasting.

In addition to ICDB, the IBA expects broadcasting stations to regularly incorporate significant portions of children’s programming reflecting Zambian themes, literature, and historical events into their general broadcasting schedule.

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