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LCC Warn Local Breweries for Dirty Conditions

Kondwani Breweries and Intambi Beers in Lusaka’s industrial area got into trouble recently. The Lusaka City Council (LCC) gave them warnings for being dirty. Nyambe Bulumba, who works at the Council, explained what they found during an inspection.

They saw that the breweries weren’t handling waste properly. They hadn’t hired the right people to collect their waste, which is against the law. Also, they were making and selling beer in big containers instead of using the right packaging. This breaks some important rules.

The inspection also found that the breweries were putting dirty water into the main drain and not keeping their bathrooms clean. Even the containers they used for beer were not clean, which is a big problem.

Now, the Lusaka City Council is giving both companies a week to explain why they shouldn’t lose their licenses. Bulumba said it’s really important for breweries to follow the rules to keep people safe.

The Council also said they will keep checking breweries to make sure they are doing things right. This is to make sure that people can trust the beer they drink and stay healthy.

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