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Gov’t Reaffirms Support for DEC’s Fight Against Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering

The Government of Zambia has restated its strong support for the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) in its battle against drug trafficking and money laundering. 

This commitment was expressed by the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Honorable Jack Mwiimbu, during the 23rd DEC Senior Officer’s Conference held in Siavonga.

Honorable Mwiimbu recognized the crucial role played by the DEC in protecting the nation from emerging threats, such as money laundering, cross-border crime, human trafficking, and illegal drug trade. 

He assured the Commission of the government’s full backing, promising to provide necessary resources, including training and capacity-building programs, to empower its work.

Moreover, the Minister emphasized the need to strengthen intelligence capabilities to effectively tackle evolving challenges. Addressing the growing problem of drug abuse in urban areas, especially among “junkies,” Mwiimbu praised the DEC’s actions and urged them to intensify efforts to eradicate this issue.

Furthermore, he commended the DEC’s efforts in combating money laundering, highlighting its role in recovering embezzled assets. Mwiimbu emphasized the government’s zero-tolerance stance on corruption and money laundering, urging the Commission to pursue investigations vigorously, even involving public officials.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nason Banda, Director General of the Drug Enforcement Commission, outlined the organization’s theme for the year as “Beyond Boundaries: Navigating Tomorrow’s Frontiers in Combating Drugs and Money Laundering.” Reflecting on past achievements, Banda highlighted successful alignment with the 2022-2026 Strategic Plan and significant progress in meeting 2023 objectives.

He shared accomplishments such as increased awareness, successful rehabilitation programs for drug users, and resolution of a significant number of new drug cases. Banda reiterated the Commission’s commitment to disrupting illicit activities, including dismantling drug cartels and investigating money laundering cases thoroughly.

Addressing colleagues, Banda stressed collective efforts in confronting the evolving challenges of drug trafficking and money laundering. He emphasized the importance of a proactive approach in 2024, speedy case resolution as per presidential directive, and using non-conviction-based forfeitures to recover public resources swiftly.

Looking ahead, Banda envisioned an era marked by innovation and collaboration in combating drug-related and money-laundering crimes. He highlighted the significance of education and counseling services in building a healthier and more resilient community, urging all stakeholders to unite under his leadership for this purpose.

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