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Ministry of Water Development Warns Job Seekers of Scammers

The Ministry of Water Development and Sanitation has issued a stern warning to job seekers regarding fraudulent employment schemes circulating on social media platforms.

Freddy Phiri, the Public Relations Officer of the Ministry, revealed that a false advertisement claiming to recruit Safety Environmental Officers has been circulating on various social media platforms. 

The Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Engineer Joe Kalusa, has categorically dismissed these claims, emphasizing that the Ministry only employs staff when authorized by the Cabinet office.

Engineer Kalusa denounced the misleading advertisement as both false and malicious, cautioning job seekers not to entertain it as official. 

He clarified that the Ministry has neither placed any advertisement in newspapers nor on their Facebook page regarding such recruitment activities.

The Ministry’s statement comes in response to an alarming number of job seekers who fell victim to the scam, with more than ten individuals reportedly swindled after paying a fee of Six Hundred Kwacha (K600) each. 

This has prompted the Ministry to issue a stern warning to scammers, urging them to refrain from exploiting citizens under the guise of Ministry-related recruitment schemes.

Engineer Kalusa reiterated that the Ministry does not solicit any payment from individuals in relation to recruitment processes. 

He emphasized that the Ministry’s mandate is to uphold integrity and transparency in all matters related to water management and sanitation.

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