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Technology Ministry Spearheads Collaborative Tech Engagement at ICTAZ Networking Breakfast

Dr. Brilliant Habeenzu, the esteemed Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Technology and Science, took center stage today at the Kansanshi Hotel in Solwezi District of North Western Province, officiating the Information and Communication Technology Association of Zambia (ICTAZ) networking breakfast meeting.

The primary aim of this gathering was to foster collaborative engagements, facilitate knowledge exchange, and collectively tackle challenges through the application of cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Machine Learning, and Data Science.

Dr. Habeenzu emphasized that this event underscored the Ministry’s shared commitment to leveraging technology’s transformative potential for the nation’s benefit.

He highlighted Zambia’s pivotal moment in development, emphasizing the immense promise held by the convergence of innovation, technology, and the mining sector in reshaping the country’s economic trajectory towards unprecedented levels of prosperity and development.

In alignment with the vision of President Hakainde Hichilema, Dr. Habeenzu reiterated the government’s dedication to fostering an enabling environment for innovation and technological advancements.

He pointed to recent policy initiatives such as the ICT Policy and the Digital Transformation Strategy, launched by the Ministry of Technology and Science, as critical frameworks for integrating emerging technologies into the national agenda.

Dr. Habeenzu emphasized the importance of close collaboration between the government and the industry to develop curricula and skills training that align with the outlined frameworks. This collaboration, he noted, is essential for effectively harnessing the potential of emerging technologies.

The event saw a distinguished turnout including the Provincial Permanent Secretary, Colonel Grandson Katambi, Dr. Clement Sinyangwe, President of ICTAZ, senior government officials from the Ministry of Technology and Science, ICTAZ Council Members and Sub-committee Members, ICTAZ CEO Mr. Challah Silavwe, as well as industry leaders, captains, and professionals from the mining and technology sectors.

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