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Zambia Unveils Ambitious Plan to Digitize Public Service with New Caseflow Management System

The Zambian government has announced a bold policy to digitize operational systems. This initiative, revealed during a high-level meeting focused on developing the Caseflow Management Information System (CMIS), is poised to revolutionize administrative processes, bolster transparency, and significantly enhance overall efficiency across various sectors.

During the pivotal gathering held in Lusaka, Honourable Mulambo Haimbe, the Minister of Justice, underscored the importance of this initiative while addressing potential apprehensions surrounding the CMIS.

He stressed the necessity for transparent communication to elucidate how the system will seamlessly integrate with existing electronic management systems utilized by specific institutions.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nason Banda, the Director General of the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC), expressed staunch support for the CMIS implementation.

Recognizing its potential to expedite case processing, Mr. Banda highlighted its pivotal role in advancing the agency’s operations, particularly in combating drug trafficking and ensuring swift dispensation of justice.

“We are privileged to be key stakeholders in the inaugural phase of this project, and we firmly believe it will vastly augment our capacity to tackle drug-related crimes and uphold the rule of law efficiently,” remarked Mr. Banda, underscoring the DEC’s commitment to leveraging technological advancements for societal benefit.

The digitization of public services holds tremendous promise for Zambia, poised to streamline case flow, mitigate bureaucratic hurdles, and foster unparalleled transparency in governance.

The government’s unwavering dedication to digital transformation represents a monumental stride towards establishing a more agile and citizen-centric public service framework in the nation.

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