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ACC DG Urges National Anti-Terrorism Centre to Uphold Integrity in Its Operations

The Director General of the Anti-Corruption Commission Zambia (ACC), Mr. Thom Shamakamba, has emphasized the importance of integrity within the National Anti-Terrorism Centre (NATC) during the opening of an Integrity Committee Training session held at Anina’s Lodge in Chilanga.

Addressing committee members, Mr. Shamakamba urged them to embody integrity and ethical conduct both within and outside the workplace.

He recognized the pivotal role of NATC in preventing terrorism financing and proliferation activities, stressing the necessity for integrity to ensure effectiveness in its operations.

Highlighting the significance of Integrity Committees in combating corruption, the DG emphasized their role in identifying and addressing vulnerabilities within institutions.

He cited successful examples from various sectors, underlining their effectiveness in curbing malpractices.

Mr. Shamakamba revealed that Zambia has established over 195 Integrity Committees nationwide since 2006, demonstrating a commitment to corruption prevention measures.

He assured members of the Integrity Committee at NATC of continued support from the ACC, including technical assistance to institutionalize anti-corruption measures.

In response, Mr. Joseph Kamvuma, the Director of the National Anti-Terrorism Centre, expressed gratitude to the Commission for providing training to the Integrity Committee members.

He emphasized the significance of the training in fostering a culture of integrity, accountability, and efficiency among staff, thereby enhancing service delivery within the Centre.

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