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FAZ Mourns the Loss of Copper Queens Striker

The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) expressed profound sadness over the passing of Copper Queens and Indeni Roses striker Norin Betani. 

Betani’s untimely demise occurred on Wednesday morning at the University Teaching Hospital, following a diagnosis of suspected malaria.

FAZ General Secretary Reuben Kamanga conveyed the association’s condolences, revealing that Betani had reported to camp while battling illness. Upon recommendation by team medics, she was promptly taken to the hospital for thorough examination.

“We regret to announce the death of one of our female players, Norin Betani, who was in the provisional squad for the Ghana match,” stated Kamanga. “Betani was taken to the nearest hospital to the team camp, which is Kanyama Level One hospital, and FAZ engaged with the family at every stage.”

Despite receiving medical care at the University Teaching Hospital since her referral on Monday, Betani’s condition tragically worsened, leading to her passing. 

Throughout her hospitalization, FAZ secretariat staff, family members, and her club, Indeni Roses, offered unwavering support and assistance.

Kamanga assured that details regarding Betani’s funeral arrangements would be communicated in due time. He emphasized the importance of honoring the deceased with dignity and respecting the privacy that such medical situations demand.

The funeral service for Norin Betani is being held at her parents’ residence in Garden House, Lusaka, offering an opportunity for loved ones, teammates, and members of the football community to pay their final respects.

Sydney Mungala, FAZ Communications Manager, expressed the heartfelt condolences of the football fraternity, emphasizing FAZ’s unwavering support for Betani’s family, friends, and teammates during this challenging period of mourning.

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