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Zambia Police Clamps Down on Secessionist Threats

Mr. Graphel Musamba, the Inspector General of Police, issued a stark warning against recent expressions advocating for the secession of certain territories within the Republic of Zambia.

This follows a surge in concerning rhetoric that the Zambia Police Service deems as potentially seditious and perilous to the nation’s legal framework.

The Zambia Police Service, through an official press release, emphasized the gravity of such utterances, affirming its unwavering dedication to preserving the unity and sovereignty of the nation.

Mr. Musamba underscored the severity of the situation, cautioning that any endeavors to undermine Zambia’s legal integrity will be met with uncompromising enforcement measures.

With immediate effect, the Zambia Police Service has declared its preparedness to take decisive actions against individuals found propagating or encouraging secessionist ideologies.

According to the statement, such offenders will be promptly apprehended and prosecuted in accordance with Zambian law.

Mr. Musamba reiterated the gravity of the offenses, stressing the dire repercussions awaiting those who engage in activities jeopardizing the peace and stability of the nation.

The Zambia Police Service remains steadfast in its commitment to upholding law and order, reiterating that any threats to national unity will be met with robust legal responses.

In a fervent plea to all citizens, Mr. Musamba urged adherence to the principles of unity and patriotism, urging against actions that could undermine Zambia’s cohesion.

He highlighted the vigilance and proactive stance of the Zambia Police Service in safeguarding the nation’s interests and preserving its unity.

The statement concludes with a stern warning directed at individuals contemplating secessionist actions, urging them to desist from such endeavors immediately.

The Zambia Police Service’s message is unequivocal: any attempts to disrupt the unity of the Republic will be met with swift and decisive action.

The nation awaits to see how these declarations translate into tangible enforcement actions as Zambia navigates this critical juncture in its history.

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