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Cashew Cultivation Program Launched in Zambia

The Minister of Green Economy and Environment, Hon. Eng. Collins Nzovu MP, has launched the Export Trade Group Climate Solutions Zambia Cashew Tree Planting Programme in Western Province. 

Speaking at the launch ceremony held at Ilundu Farm in Mweeke Camp, Limulunga District, Hon. Nzovu emphasized the potential of cashew cultivation to improve nutrition, food security, and economic opportunities for local communities.

Highlighting the global demand for cashew nuts, Hon. Nzovu underscored the importance of viewing cashew cultivation as a significant forex earner. 

He commended the Export Trade Group for their commitment to promoting cashew planting and supporting emerging farmers in the region.

The Minister urged farmers to take advantage of the expertise provided by the Forestry Department officials and other government departments, as well as the technical team from Export Trade Group Climate Solutions, to enhance their knowledge of best practices in cashew tree management. 

He stressed the importance of ensuring the survival of planted trees to maximize the benefits of mitigating climate change and combating deforestation.

Hon. Nzovu encouraged farmers to consider intercropping cashew plantations with crops such as cassava to promote environmental sustainability while meeting immediate and long-term needs. 

He emphasized the need for continued planting of cashew trees to increase production and support processing activities, as well as ongoing training on cashew agronomy for farmers.

Tapfuma Mutasa, Country Director of ETG-Climate Solutions, outlined the two-phase rollout of the programme, which includes the distribution of cashew seedlings to farmers in Western Province and small-scale agroforestry planting in Eastern Province. 

Additionally, Mutasa highlighted the distribution of improved stoves to communities in Western Province as part of the initiative.

The Cashew Tree Planting Programme represents a concerted effort to harness the potential of cashew cultivation in Zambia, with a focus on improving livelihoods, enhancing food security, and promoting environmental conservation in rural areas.

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