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Kagem Mines Leading the Charge in Gender Equality in Mining Industry

Kagem Mining is making strides in breaking gender stereotypes within the mining sector by actively promoting diversity and inclusion in its workforce. 

The company’s efforts are reshaping the landscape of mining, with more women taking on roles traditionally dominated by men.

In a significant move towards gender equality, Kagem incorporated four female heavy equipment operators into its workforce in 2022. Since then, the mine has further expanded its inclusivity initiatives by welcoming an additional 11 female operators, bringing the total to 14 women in this role alone.

Adriaan Prinsloo, General Manager of Kagem, expressed the company’s commitment to providing equal opportunities for all employees. 

He emphasized that diversifying the workforce with more women in heavy machinery operation brings fresh perspectives and enriches the company’s operations.

One such success story is Joyce, a 35-year-old who recently became an articulated dump truck (ADT) operator at Kagem’s emerald mine site in Lufwanyama. 

Despite facing challenges due to gender bias in the industry, Joyce’s determination led her to fulfill her lifelong dream of operating heavy machinery.

Similarly, Tina, 28, who has been trained as an ADT operator since 2015, found limited opportunities to utilize her skills until joining Kagem. Her perseverance paid off when she was given the chance to operate an ADT machine, fueling her ambition to advance her career further.

Esther, a 32-year-old excavator operator at Kagem, emphasized the importance of resources and support for women pursuing careers in mining. Drawing from her own experiences, Esther highlighted the need for female-centric training programs to encourage more women to enter the industry.

Comprehensive training lies at the heart of Kagem’s commitment to empowering its staff. Constance, 34, another ADT operator at Kagem, praised the training she received, which equipped her with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in her role.

Kagem’s Managing Director, CV Suresh, reaffirmed the company’s dedication to supporting the growth of the mining industry in Zambia while empowering more women to join its workforce. 

He emphasized the importance of inclusivity and diversity in driving innovation and bringing a fresh perspective to the sector.

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