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Livingstone Press Club Celebrates World Radio Day 

Livingstone Press Club has joined the global community in commemorating World Radio Day, honoring the significant achievements of radio over its century-long existence.

Under the theme “Radio: A century informing, entertaining, and educating,” this year’s celebration highlights radio’s immense contribution to social, economic, and political development worldwide.

Mercy Ngoma, President of Livingstone Press Club, emphasized the enduring impact of radio, noting its ability to transform lives across the globe.

She underscored radio’s role in empowering communities with vital information, education, and entertainment, particularly through music.

In an era dominated by misinformation on social media platforms, Ms. Ngoma stressed the importance of radio stations maintaining their status as trusted sources of information. 

She highlighted radio’s pivotal role in combatting misinformation and ensuring citizens have access to reliable news.

The Livingstone Press Club also extended commendation to the government, specifically the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA), for fostering an environment conducive to the growth of radio broadcasting.

Ms. Ngoma expressed satisfaction in observing radio’s democratization of access to information, reaching even the most remote areas and bridging the information gap between urban and rural communities.

As World Radio Day serves as a reminder to appreciate and support this influential medium, Livingstone Press Club reaffirms its commitment to advocating for the preservation and advancement of radio broadcasting.

The celebration of World Radio Day by Livingstone Press Club reflects the recognition of radio’s enduring legacy and its indispensable role in shaping societies worldwide.

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