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Zambia and Angola Collaborate on Satellite Technology for Economic Growth

The Zambian government, led by Ministry of Technology and Science Minister Felix Mutati, is spearheading efforts to harness satellite technology in monitoring various economic activities.

During a visit to the Satellite Ground Receiving Station in Chibombo rural, Minister Mutati emphasized the need for innovative solutions in satellite technological operations to monitor crops, border activities, and other economic indicators. 

He urged the National Remote Sensing Center (NRSC) to explore satellite technology with a commercial perspective, aimed at ensuring the sustainability of facility services.

Minister Mutati announced plans for the NRSC and ministry officials to visit Angola on a feasibility and technological exchange program. 

The objective is to learn from Angola’s Earth Observation Satellite system and explore how it could contribute to enhancing Zambia’s Ground Receiving Satellite Station.

Highlighting the importance of optimizing data interpretation processes, Minister Mutati stressed the need for collective expertise to expedite the usage of the data facility and provide beneficial services to the people.

NRSC Director Dr. Faustin Banda echoed Minister Mutati’s sentiments, emphasizing the potential benefits of learning from Angola’s Earth Observation Satellite. 

He emphasized the importance of aligning Zambia’s Ground Receiving Station with Angola’s frequency of data monitoring for efficient interpretation and information sharing across various economic sectors.

The collaboration between Zambia and Angola in satellite technology holds promise for driving economic growth and facilitating informed decision-making. 

Both nations pave the way for advancements in satellite technology that could benefit the entire region as they embark on this partnership.

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