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Zambia and Finland’s Collaborative Efforts in Environmental Conservation Bear Fruit

The Minister of Green Economy and Environment, Hon. Eng. Collins Nzovu MP, expressed confidence in the ongoing collaboration between Zambia and Finland, emphasizing its potential to yield significant benefits for both nations.

In a meeting with Her Excellency Ms. Saana Halinen, the Finnish Ambassador to Zambia, and Finnish journalists, Hon. Nzovu underscored Finland’s continued technical support across various sectors, particularly in climate change, forestry, and the circular economy.

Acknowledging Finland’s assistance, Hon. Nzovu outlined Zambia’s commitment to adopting circularity principles, revealing plans to join the African Circular Economy Alliance (ACEA) following Cabinet approval. 

He emphasized the importance of increasing public awareness and creating business opportunities associated with circular economy practices.

Highlighting the significance of environmental sustainability, Hon. Nzovu emphasized the role of sound policies and strategies in sectors such as energy, agriculture, manufacturing, and water. 

He emphasized that these efforts align with Zambia’s Eighth National Development Plan (8NDP).

The Minister identified key areas for collaboration with Finland, including sustainable forest management, forest enterprise development, forest research and extension, and circular economy initiatives such as waste management and recycling.

In response, Finnish Ambassador Saana Halinen reiterated the importance of continued collaboration between the two nations. 

She emphasized the mutual benefits that stem from joint efforts in addressing climate change, promoting sustainable development, and fostering environmental conservation.

The collaboration between Zambia and Finland exemplifies a shared commitment to environmental stewardship and underscores the importance of international partnerships in tackling global challenges. 

As both nations forge ahead with their collaborative efforts, they are poised to achieve significant progress in environmental conservation and sustainable development.

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