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US and Kenyan Defense Ministers Emphasize Strong Security Partnership

The United States Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, and Kenya’s Defense Minister, Aden Bare Duale, convened at the Pentagon to underscore the significant security partnership between their nations. 

This meeting comes on the heels of a five-year framework on defense cooperation signed last September.

Austin emphasized Kenya’s pivotal role as one of the United States’ most crucial security allies in Africa, highlighting its strategic importance in addressing shared threats and enhancing security across East Africa and beyond. 

He specifically commended Nairobi’s support for the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia, stressing its vital contribution to regional stability and its sustained efforts in countering the al-Shabaab extremist group.

Duale echoed Austin’s sentiments, emphasizing the partnership’s foundation on mutual trust, respect, shared values, and common defense objectives. 

He emphasized Kenya’s stability and strategic position in a volatile region as conducive to fostering collaboration with the United States in promoting peace and stability.

During their discussions, both parties explored avenues for enhanced cooperation, with Duale affirming Kenya’s continued support for US-led initiatives aimed at bolstering security in the Red Sea region and assisting Ukraine in its struggle against Russian aggression.

Source: AfricaNews

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