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Investrust Bank PLC and NHIMA Introduce SmartPay Platform for Simplified Healthcare Contributions

Investrust Bank Plc and the National Health Insurance Management Authority (NHIMA) have joined forces to introduce the SmartPay Platform, a revolutionary solution aimed at simplifying healthcare contributions for NHIMA members in Zambia.

At a launch event attended by NHIMA Director General Mr. Michael Njapau and Investrust Bank’s CEO, Simangolwa Shakalima, the unveiling of the SmartPay Platform marked a significant milestone in the convergence of financial and healthcare services through digital innovation.

During the event, Mr. Njapau emphasized NHIMA’s dedication to fostering strong partnerships with financial institutions and achieving universal health coverage for all Zambian citizens. 

He hailed the collaboration with Investrust Bank as a strategic step towards enhancing the accessibility and efficiency of healthcare services.

Investrust Bank’s CEO, Shakalima, expressed gratitude for the partnership and highlighted the platform’s unmatched customer service and convenience. 

The SmartPay Platform, integrated into InvestNet, offers NHIMA members a seamless and user-friendly way to make contributions, transforming healthcare transactions.

The collaboration between Investrust Bank and NHIMA reflects Investrust Bank’s vision to be the preferred financial institution in select markets and NHIMA’s mission to deliver quality healthcare coverage nationwide. 

The SmartPay Platform not only streamlines payment processes but also supports the government’s initiatives to facilitate active participation in economic activities.

As part of Investrust Bank’s digitalization strategy, the SmartPay Platform represents a significant investment in banking systems, aiming to enhance convenience and minimize errors. 

NHIMA members now have access to round-the-clock services, empowering them to manage their healthcare contributions efficiently.

Mr. Njapau reiterated NHIMA’s commitment to universal health coverage and commended the partnership with Investrust Bank. The SmartPay Platform enables NHIMA to manage funds more effectively, ensuring equitable access to healthcare services for all citizens, including vulnerable and low-income individuals.

The launch event showcased NHIMA’s efforts to simplify processes for members, enabling remote activities such as payment transactions, membership status checks, and dependent registrations. 

Employers can also benefit from the platform, simplifying tasks related to employee registration and payments.

The collaboration between Investrust Bank and NHIMA underscores the importance of strategic partnerships in advancing financial and healthcare services. 

The SmartPay Platform not only facilitates financial transactions but also contributes to the broader goal of achieving universal health coverage in Zambia.

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