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King Charles Diagnosed with Cancer  

Buckingham Palace announced today that King Charles has been diagnosed with a form of cancer, though the specific type has not been disclosed. 

The revelation came during the King’s hospital stay for benign prostate enlargement treatment. 

While the Palace assured the public that it is not prostate cancer, further details regarding the diagnosis remain undisclosed.

The King has initiated regular treatment and will be temporarily suspending his public duties, although he will continue to handle paperwork and attend private meetings. 

The announcement emphasized that the King personally informed his immediate family of the diagnosis, including his youngest son, Prince Harry, who is set to return to the UK from California in the coming days.

In response to the news, a wave of support has poured in from various quarters, including politicians, religious leaders, and celebrities. 

President Joe Biden, who has experienced the loss of a family member to cancer, expressed his empathy and admiration for the King’s courage in facing this challenge.

The Church of England, headed by the British monarch, has drafted a special prayer for King Charles’s health, underscoring the widespread concern and well-wishes for his recovery. 

As the King begins his treatment journey, the nation awaits further updates on his condition and sends him strength and solidarity during this challenging time.

Source: BBC  

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