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Senior Chief Mujimanzovu Advocates for ICT Exposure in Rural Areas

Senior Chief Mujimanzovu of the Kaonde people in Mushindamo district, North-Western province, has expressed the traditional leadership’s strong desire to expose children in rural areas to Information and Communication Technology (ICT). 

This initiative comes as a response to the government’s interventions that have extended network connectivity to the most remote parts of Zambia through the upgrade of network towers from 2G to advanced technologies.

Senior Chief Mujimanzovu highlighted the significance of improved network connectivity and communication in rural areas, viewing it as a positive indication of the government’s commitment to extending development to all corners of the country. 

However, he emphasized the need for children in these areas to keep pace with ICT advancements.

The traditional leader conveyed these sentiments during a courtesy call by Technology and Science Minister Felix Mutati at his palace. The visit preceded the upgrade of selected towers from 2G to 3G and 4G technologies. 

Senior Chief Mujimanzovu noted that some chiefdoms, including his own, lacked proper network connectivity, resulting in intermittent communication due to existing 2G towers.

He stressed that communication has evolved from being a mere need to a necessity, and the traditional leadership is immensely grateful to the government for considering the connectivity of rural areas to the broader national network through the tower upgrades.

Expressing gratitude for various government initiatives, Senior Chief Mujimanzovu specifically mentioned the increased Constituency Development Fund (CDF). 

He expressed hope that the augmented fund would address many challenges faced by rural areas in Zambia.

The minister, Felix Mutati, was commended for his role in the technological advancements that would bring about positive transformations in education, communication, and overall development in rural communities. 

The traditional leader’s call for ICT exposure reflects a broader acknowledgment of the importance of technology in empowering the youth and fostering inclusive development in rural Zambia.

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