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Gov’t Expands Mobile Network Connectivity in Rural Mushindamo District for Economic Growth 

The Zambian government, in collaboration with MTN, has upgraded 50 mobile towers to 4G in the rural area of Chief Mulonga’s chiefdom, located in the Mushindamo District of North Western Province.

The commissioning ceremony, attended by the Minister of Technology and Science, Felix C. Mutati, marked a key milestone in the government’s efforts to bring technological development to the doorstep of local communities. 

Minister Mutati commended MTN for its practical collaboration with the government, emphasizing that the 4G upgrade was a progressive mantra destined to uplift the lives of the people in the region.

The Minister highlighted the transformative impact of enhanced mobile connectivity, stating that it brings access to government empowerment programs, inclusive education, employment opportunities, and facilitates various communication activities. 

He emphasized the role of mobile phones in supporting businesses related to education and agriculture among the local inhabitants.

MTN’s Chief Executive Officer, Abbad Reda, reiterated the telecom firm’s commitment to universal access and support for rural coverage. Reda emphasized the strategic use of technology to improve the quality of life and enhance economic growth in the area.

In a noteworthy development, Mushindamo Council Chairperson, Peter Ilunga, announced that the council had integrated its system with the Government’s Electronic Bus System, allowing contractors to access services through the newly introduced MTN network connectivity. 

He further urged the Ministry of Technology to extend the connectivity to Mulonga, Musaka, and Kikola, ensuring that all locals in the vast Mushindamo District can enjoy the benefits of the upgraded network facilities.

Expressing gratitude on behalf of the local community, Ilunga acknowledged the government’s commitment to bridging the digital gap and enhancing connectivity for the overall development of the region. 

The expansion of mobile network connectivity is anticipated to spur economic growth, improve access to essential services, and foster greater connectivity among the residents of Mushindamo District.

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