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Zambia’s Mines Ministry Embarks on Comprehensive Geological Mapping for Mineral Assessment 

Hapenga Kabeta, the Permanent Secretary of Zambia’s Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development, has unveiled plans for an extensive geological mapping initiative across the country. 

This strategic move aims to ascertain the mineralization status of various regions in Zambia.

In a recent interview, Dr. Kabeta outlined the segmentation of the nation into four zones, signifying the preparatory phase for this large-scale geological mapping exercise. He expressed confidence in commencing the exercise within the year, with zone one taking the lead.

The Permanent Secretary stressed the importance of finalizing the procurement process before initiating the mapping exercise.

The comprehensive mapping effort is crucial for the government to evaluate the mineral content in specific areas, ultimately attracting potential investors.

Dr. Kabeta highlighted concerns about the limited information available on the country’s mineralization, noting that valuable minerals are often discovered by people in rural areas. 

He explained instances where individuals cultivating fields stumble upon something shiny, prompting them to explore its value through excavation.

Expressing unease about prevalent illegal mining activities, Dr. Kabeta emphasized the need for a systematic approach to address this issue within the mining sector. 

The geological mapping project is expected to provide valuable insights into the distribution and abundance of minerals across Zambia, fostering sustainable development in the mining industry.

Source: Copperbelt Katanga Mining

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