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Late Former Lusaka Mayor Remembered as Visionary Leader 

The current Mayor of Lusaka, Ms. Chilando Chitangala, has eulogized the late former Mayor of Lusaka, His Worship, Mr. Fleetfort Chirwa, as a visionary leader who dedicated his life to serving the people of Lusaka with unparalleled dedication and passion.

Ms. Chitangala praised Mr. Chirwa for his visionary approach, citing his role in municipal diplomacy with major cities globally. Under his leadership, Lusaka’s Kanyama compound saw roads named after Los Angeles, which has now been renamed Kalusha Bwalya Road. 

His tenure also led to the twinning of Lusaka with Los Angeles in the United States, fostering enduring relations.

The late former mayor also facilitated the twinning of Nairobi, contributing to robust bilateral relations between the two nations. 

Ms. Chitangala remembered Mr. Chirwa as a compassionate and selfless figure who prioritized the welfare of Lusaka’s residents throughout his dedicated years of service.

Highlighting Mr. Chirwa’s commitment to the city, Ms. Chitangala encouraged current civic leaders to draw inspiration from his passion for grassroots development. 

Before becoming mayor, Mr. Chirwa served as a councillor for Chinika Ward in Kanyama constituency, later becoming the Deputy Mayor of the City of Lusaka from 1967 to 1969.

Elected as the Mayor of the City of Lusaka in 1969, Mr. Chirwa served in this capacity until 1973. He subsequently became a Member of Parliament for Kanyama constituency. 

The valedictory service held at the Council Chamber, Civic Centre, to pay tribute to the late Former Lusaka Mayor, was attended by dignitaries such as the Secretary to the Cabinet, Mr. Patrick Kangwa, former mayors, councillors, Lusaka City Council Acting Town Clerk Engineer Liftery Ndaba, and Lusaka City Council Management.

The late Fleetfort Chirwa’s legacy as a visionary civic leader continues to be celebrated for his significant contributions to the development and international ties of Lusaka.

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