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Over 11,000 GBV Cases Recorded in Q4 2023

The Zambia Police Service has reported a staggering 11,746 cases of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) recorded countrywide during the fourth quarter of 2023, according to the Victim Support Unit (VSU) GBV data analysis.

The data, released by Zambia Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga, highlights the severity of the issue, with 8,451 cases classified as criminal (71.9%) and 3,295 as non-criminal (28.1%). The report underscores the urgent need for concerted efforts to address and prevent gender-based violence in the country.

Among the distressing statistics, the report reveals that 2,730 children fell victim to GBV, constituting 23.2% of all cases. Of these, 1,952 were girls (71.5%), and 778 were boys (28.5%). The impact on the younger generation is particularly concerning, prompting calls for enhanced protective measures and awareness campaigns.

Breaking down the gender distribution, the report indicates that 6,808 women and 2,208 men were subjected to abuse, representing 58% and 18.8%, respectively. In terms of gender vulnerability, 8,760 females (74.6%) and 2,986 males (25.4%) were reported as victims.

“Physical abuse was the highest form of GBV cases recorded during the Fourth Quarter of 2023, with 4,804 cases reported, representing 40.8% of all GBV cases countrywide,” stated Mr. Hamoonga.

Acknowledging the severity of the situation, Mr. Hamoonga also highlighted the efforts of the VSU officers in providing counseling services. The report indicates that 9,383 individuals received counseling during the fourth quarter, with 5,953 (63.4%) under the criminal case category and 3,430 (36.6%) under the non-criminal case category.

The alarming surge in GBV cases has prompted authorities to reevaluate existing strategies, with a focus on strengthening preventive measures, raising awareness, and providing support to victims. 

Civil society organizations, activists, and government agencies are joining forces to address this crisis and work towards creating a safer environment for all citizens.

As the nation grapples with the implications of these distressing statistics, there is a collective call for community engagement, education, and a comprehensive approach to eradicate gender-based violence from the fabric of Zambian society.

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