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HH Says Zambians Should Benefit From Minerals

President Hakainde Hichilema has reiterated the government’s commitment to ensuring that Zambians reap the benefits of the country’s abundant mineral wealth. 

Speaking during a meeting with a delegation from the Chamber of Mines, the President emphasized the need to consolidate the business environment in the mining sector to empower Zambian citizens.

President Hichilema hosted the Chamber of Mines delegation, led by President Godwin Beene, at State House, where he encouraged open communication between the government and mining stakeholders. 

He urged the Chamber of Mines not to hesitate in engaging the government on any pressing issues, emphasizing a collaborative approach for the mutual benefit of all parties involved.

The President highlighted the ongoing efforts to enhance the business operating environment in the mining sector. 

“We are consolidating the business operating environment, including the mining sector, but at the same time, we want Zambians, who God endowed with these minerals, to benefit from them,” stated President Hichilema.

Acknowledging the investors’ profit motives, President Hichilema affirmed the government’s commitment to finding a balance that ensures a win-win situation for both Zambians and mine owners. 

He emphasized the importance of fostering an environment where all stakeholders are content and contribute to the overall growth of the mining sector.

Chamber of Mines President, Godwin Beene, expressed the institution’s support for the government’s vision, particularly in the ambitious goal to increase copper production from 830,000 Metric tons to 3 Million Metric tons by 2030. 

Beene highlighted the necessity of a close partnership between the government and sector players for the development of the mining sector.

In another development, President Hichilema extended an appeal to former Vice Presidents to play a role in maintaining national unity. 

During a State Lunch-On held at State House in honor of former Vice Presidents and their spouses, the President emphasized the responsibility of former and present leaders in preserving Zambia as a unitary state.

Former Vice President Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda, speaking on behalf of his colleagues, thanked President Hichilema for recognizing and honoring them. 

He noted the unprecedented gesture of hosting former vice presidents at State House, expressing gratitude for the continued recognition under President Hichilema’s governance.

Republican Vice President Mutale Nalumango was also present at the Lunch-On, attended by former Vice Presidents Dr. Nevers Mumba and Mr. Enock Kavindele. 

Unfortunately, former Prime Minister Malimba Masheke, and former Vice Presidents Inonge Wina and Dr. Guy Scott were unable to attend due to reported illness.

President Hichilema, demonstrating his concern for their well-being, visited former Vice President Guy Scott’s house, while a delegation was dispatched to check on Mrs. Inonge Wina and General Malimba Masheke, respectively.  

Source: ZANIS

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