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Dr. M’membe Sponsors 17 Medical Students Abroad

The Socialist Party (SP) in Zambia is making strides to improve the country’s healthcare sector and pave the way for potential medical tourism. 

Currently, the party is sponsoring the education of seventeen young Zambians in Venezuela, who are in their 5th year of medical training.

This initiative is part of SP’s broader Health Programme, a commitment highlighted by SP President Fred M’membe during a meeting with Maria Arena, Chief of the European Union – EU Elections Follow-up Mission to Zambia. 

The meeting took place while touring a Mobile Health Outfit operated by SP in Lusaka’s Garden Compound. 

The facility caters to around 100 people and refers those with more significant medical issues to government hospitals.

President M’membe emphasized the party’s dedication to investing in Zambia’s healthcare future by supporting the education of medical students abroad. 

This move not only contributes to the nation’s medical expertise but also aligns with SP’s vision of positioning Zambia as a potential destination for medical tourism.

While the seventeen students undergo medical training in Venezuela, President M’membe revealed that another group is studying medicine at various levels within Zambia, with some having already completed their programs. 

He urged the European Union to explore more opportunities for Zambians interested in pursuing medical studies, noting the growing demand among the country’s youth. 

The SP’s efforts aim to strengthen Zambia’s healthcare capabilities and create prospects for medical tourism in the future.

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