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Zambia to Host 2024 Digital Government Africa Summit, Focus on Collaborative Growth

Zambia is set to host the 2024 Digital Government Africa (DGA) Summit from October 2nd to 4th, according to an announcement by Percy Chinyama, the Smart Zambia National Coordinator. 

The government expresses satisfaction with the achievements of the previous DGA summit held in October last year and sees the upcoming event as an opportunity to further collaborate with other African nations in advancing the digital sector.

Mr. Chinyama emphasizes that the summit serves as a platform for fostering collaboration among African countries to collectively develop the digital landscape. 

He stresses that the journey of digitalization is not a race but an opportunity for partners to work together and progress at a unified pace. 

Mr. Chinyama made these remarks during the signing of Memoranda of Understandings (MOUs) with Africa Brains and Visa International Service Association, both of whom are partnering with the government for the summit’s preparation.

The Smart Zambia National Coordinator expressed gratitude for the support from Africa Brains and Visa International Service Association. 

He assured that this year’s summit would be more practical, contributing to economic growth, job creation, and enhanced social services for citizens.

In response, John Glassey, CEO of Africa Brains, commended Zambia for its efforts in adopting digital technologies in public service delivery. Glassey highlighted his organization’s two-year collaboration with Zambia, aiming to attract investors to the country. The signed MOU solidifies the partnership between Africa Brains and Zambia in hosting the 2024 GDA summit.

Svyatoslav Senyuta, Public Policy Director at Visa International Service Association, affirmed the association’s commitment to working with the Zambian government. 

The focus will be on strengthening the Zambian portal, with an emphasis on online payment inclusion. Senyuta outlined Visa’s plans to create a secure and robust payment platform, collaborating closely with existing service providers and payment platforms.

The 2024 DGA Summit is poised to become a significant forum for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and advancements in digital governance across the African continent. Zambia looks forward to hosting and contributing to the shared growth of the digital landscape in the region.

Source: ZANIS

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