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Zambia’s Minister Advocates Inclusive Economies and Peaceful Africa at Italy-Africa Summit

In a speech delivered at the Italy-Africa Summit in Rome, under the theme “A Bridge for Common Growth,” Hon. Jack Mwiimbu M.P, the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security of Zambia, emphasized the need for inclusive, sustainable economies and a culturally-focused Africa to address irregular migration challenges within the larger global context.

The statement, issued by Pamela Mulenga, First Secretary-Press at the Zambian Embassy in Italy, highlighted Hon. Mwiimbu’s commitment to aligning efforts to mitigate irregular migration crises with the African Union’s Agenda 2063. 

The minister emphasized that Africa’s economic transformation agenda must garner support through partnerships, investments, development cooperation, and access to affordable finance.

Mwiimbu underscored the potential of countries like Zambia, blessed with abundant mineral resources and fertile land, to create opportunities that mitigate unplanned migration. 

He proposed investments in mining, agriculture, manufacturing, infrastructure, and renewable energy as avenues to foster economic growth and curb migration challenges.

As Zambia currently chairs the SADC Organ on Politics, Defence, and Security Cooperation and COMESA, Hon. Mwiimbu called for enhanced support from cooperating partners to address regional conflicts that serve as drivers for migration challenges in Africa.

Representing President Hakainde Hichilema at the Italy-Africa Summit, the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security emphasized Zambia’s commitment to fostering collaboration with the international community to address various aspects of economic development, including economic and infrastructural collaboration, food security, energy security and transition, vocational training and culture, as well as migration, mobility, and security issues.

Italian Prime Minister Ms. Giorgia Meloni unveiled the “Mattei Plan” at the Summit, proposing a dynamic strategy to establish strategic partnerships with African countries. 

The plan aims to address root causes of irregular migration and enhance cooperation in economic development areas, particularly the energy sector.

The Italy-Africa Summit serves as a platform for strengthening collaboration between Italy and African countries, fostering mutual growth and addressing critical challenges faced by the continent.

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