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Immigration Department Clarifies Refusal of Entry for Chinese Nationals  

Namati H. Nshinka, the Public Relations Officer for the Department of Immigration, has responded to recent allegations surrounding the refusal of entry for two Chinese nationals, Mr. Jia Yuqi (30) and Ms. Pan Peng (43).

Contrary to assertions made by Mr. Isaac Mwanza and reported on Radio Phoenix News, Mr. Nshinka emphasized that the Department of Immigration was never served with any court order regarding the entry of the two Chinese nationals. 

Instead, the Department advised the duo through their legal representatives to follow the correct procedures.

The controversy arose after the duo was arrested on charges of trafficking in persons, benefiting from the services of victims of sexual exploitation, and providing false information to an Immigration Officer. 

The Department pursued legal action through the National Prosecution Authority, leading to the State entering a Nolle Prosequi. 

Subsequently, on December 31st, 2023, Jia Yuqi and Pan Peng were deported from Zambia under the provisions of section 39(2) of the Immigration and Deportation Act No.18 of 2010.

However, on Saturday, January 27st, 2024, the two individuals attempted to re-enter the country via Kenneth Kaunda International Airport without the required exemption from deportation by the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security. As a result, entry was denied.

Mr. Nshinka reiterated the Department’s commitment to enforcing immigration laws and maintaining collaboration with the judiciary. 

He clarified that the Department holds the judiciary, both individually and institutionally, in the highest esteem and strongly refuted any insinuations suggesting otherwise.

Mr. Nshinka concluded by encouraging members of the public to verify immigration-related information through the Department’s Public Relations Office to prevent the spread of misleading information.

This development adds a new layer to the ongoing narrative surrounding the deportation and attempted re-entry of the two Chinese nationals, bringing clarity to the Department’s position on the matter.

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