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AAH Director’s Tour in Southern Province Boosts Collaboration for Agricultural Development

Mary Kozi, the Country Director of Action Against Hunger (AAH), recently concluded a successful tour of Southern Province, where she engaged with government officials, farmers, and implementing partners to strengthen collaboration for agricultural development. 

The Southern part of the country has been grappling with challenges such as low production levels, attributed to geographical factors and the impact of climate change.

During her tour, Kozi held discussions with key figures, including District Commissioners, District Agriculture Coordinators, and representatives from the Forestry departments in Livingstone, Zimba, Sesheke, Mwandi, and Sinazongwe. 

The primary aim was to foster cooperation and gather insights on how Action Against Hunger interventions, supported by the Darwin Initiative, could effectively address the pressing needs of the region.

Ms. Kozi highlighted the organization’s activities, focusing on key thematic areas like food resilience, water resource management, and biodiversity protection along the Zambezi watershed. 

Emphasizing the importance of aligning interventions with the 8th National Development plans and local needs, she appreciated the government’s efforts in addressing community difficulties. 

Ms. Kozi urged implementing partners, including the Conservation Farming Unit, Kaluli Development Foundation, and Environment Africa, to actively engage with local government officials for more effective program delivery.

Mrs. Albertina Maliwa Kabatana, the Sesheke District Administrative Officer, representing the District Commissioner, commended Action Against Hunger for its support. She outlined challenges faced by Sesheke, particularly low production levels due to irregular rainfall patterns. 

Mrs. Kabatana stressed the need for increased partnerships between NGOs and the district to address farmer challenges and encouraged Action Against Hunger to invest in Sesheke.

Dr. Oliver Kandela Bulaya, representing the Conservation Farming Unit, expressed appreciation for farmers’ positive response to implemented programs. 

He commended the government’s support and acknowledged Action Against Hunger’s capacity-building efforts for implementing partners in the region.

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