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Ministry of Labour Promotes Harmony through Mediation Between Community Based Enterprises and Employee

In pursuit of its fundamental goal of maintaining industrial harmony and upholding awareness of labor laws, the Ministry of Labour and Social Security conducted a crucial mediation meeting on January 25th, 2024. 

This session aimed to foster understanding and resolve concerns between Kanyama Ward 13 Community Based Enterprises (CBEs) and one of their workers.

The mediation process served a dual purpose, not only addressing immediate concerns but also enlightening both the CBEs and the employee about their respective rights and obligations. 

This proactive approach aimed to establish a better comprehension of the legal framework under which these entities operate.

During the labor mediation meeting, each party was given a fair opportunity to articulate their concerns and grievances, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of the issues at hand. 

The dedicated officers overseeing the matter actively facilitated discussions, promoting open and honest communication. The process emphasized equal chances for both the community-based enterprises and the employee to express their viewpoints.

It is acknowledged that industrial disputes are not uncommon in the realm of employment, particularly in scenarios where workers are not unionized. 

The Ministry recognizes its responsibility in such situations, stepping in to facilitate productive discussions and negotiations between employers and employees.

By providing a neutral space for dialogue, the Ministry aims to foster understanding and reach mutually beneficial agreements that promote harmonious working relationships. 

The mediation meeting adhered to a structured process, initiated by a Labor Officer providing an overview of the session’s purpose and expectations.

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