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Japan Grants Zambia US$11.5 Million to Boost STEM Education

Japan has granted Zambia a substantial sum of US$11.526 million to support the enhancement of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education.

The grant, equivalent to one billion, six hundred and forty-four million Japanese Yen (JPY1,644,000,000) or approximately two hundred and ninety-six million, seven hundred and ten thousand Zambian kwacha (K296,710,000), was formalized through an agreement signed by Zambia’s Finance & National Planning Minister, Dr. Situmbeko Musokotwane, and JICA Chief Representative Yonebayashi Norihito on behalf of Japan.

Expressing gratitude for Japan’s continued support in various sectors of the economy, Dr. Musokotwane highlighted the tangible impact of Japan’s commitment to uplifting the living standards of Zambian citizens.

He commended Japan’s unwavering dedication, citing the grants as a clear manifestation of their ongoing cooperation.

The project, spanning ten districts—one from each of Zambia’s provinces—aligns with the priorities outlined in the eighth national development plan, focusing on promoting science, technology, and innovation.

The selected districts include Solwezi, Ndola, Mongu, Mansa, Lusaka, Kasama, Kabwe, Choma, Chipata, and Chinsali.

Japanese Ambassador to Zambia, Takeuchi Kazuyuki, emphasized the grant’s intended purpose: the improvement of the school learning environment for STEM education.

The funds will facilitate the expansion of STEM secondary school buildings, provide essential equipment for STEM curriculum practice, and support teacher training initiatives.

Mr. Kazuyuki reassured Zambia that the Japanese Government is committed to continuously enhancing the quality of education for young Zambians.

Education Minister Douglas Syakalima echoed the significance of STEM education as a cornerstone of Zambia’s development.

He expressed optimism that the Japanese grant would create a socially desirable impact on the Zambian education system and its people.

Amid the celebration of the grant agreement, the parties acknowledged the 60 years of friendship between Japan and Zambia, underscoring the enduring diplomatic ties and collaborative efforts between the two nations.

As the project unfolds in the coming months, it is expected to contribute significantly to the advancement of STEM education and, consequently, Zambia’s overall socio-economic development.

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