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Zambia Recruits 4,500 Teachers 

The Ministry of Education in the Republic of Zambia, headed by Hon. Minister of Education, Dr. Douglas Syakalima MP, announced the successful completion of the teacher recruitment process for 4,500 educators during a press briefing on January 25th, 2024.

Hon. Dr. Douglas Syakalima MP expressed his gratitude to all stakeholders involved in the recruitment process, including the Teaching Service Commission, Permanent Secretaries of Technical Services and Administration, Directors of various departments, Union Representatives, and members of the press. 

The minister emphasized the importance of the recruitment in addressing the high teacher-pupil ratio, which currently stands at 1:58 for primary schools and 1:38 for secondary schools, exceeding the acceptable ratios of 1:45 and 1:35, respectively.

The Minister highlighted the critical role of qualified teachers in enhancing students’ ability to learn and the government’s commitment to achieving Sustainable Development Goal number 4, which focuses on ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education for all.

According to Hon. Dr. Douglas Syakalima MP, the government allocated one billion, nine hundred, ninety-four million, and eight hundred seventeen thousand six hundred Kwacha (K1,994,817,600) in the 2023 national budget for the recruitment. 

The Teaching Service Commission then engaged Human Resource Management Committees (HRMCs) in all 116 districts to carry out the recruitment in line with the decentralization policy and the Service Commission’s Act No. 10 of 2016.

The Minister assured the public that the recruitment process was stringent, ensuring equal and fair opportunities for all citizens who qualified, regardless of other considerations. Qualified teachers residing within the districts were recruited to serve their communities.

Hon. Dr. Douglas Syakalima MP commended the collaborative effort at multiple levels, acknowledging the involvement of District Commissioners, security wings from the Office of the President – Special Division, Drug Enforcement Commission, and Anti-Corruption Commission in overseeing the process.

 This collaboration aimed to enhance accountability, transparency, and credibility throughout the recruitment.

In alignment with staffing needs analysis and budget appropriations, the recruitment prioritized secondary school teachers specialized in Mathematics, Sciences, Business Studies, ICT, and Zambian Languages. 

The 4,500 teachers have been successfully recruited, marking a significant step towards improving the education sector in Zambia.

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