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ZEMA Welcomes New Director General

The Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) Board of Directors has officially appointed Mr. Godfrey Mwiinga as the new Director General. 

The announcement was made through an official statement issued by Mrs. Karen Banda-Etondo, the Board Secretary.

Mr. Mwiinga brings to the position an extensive career spanning over 20 years, marked by diverse leadership roles in both private and public sectors, both locally and internationally.

His wealth of experience encompasses various facets, including environmental management, strategic and advanced project management, finance and credit skills, business strategy implementation, supply chain management, and expertise in anti-corruption compliance and governance.

The Board of Directors expressed confidence in Mr. Mwiinga’s ability to lead the agency effectively and build upon the solid foundation laid by his predecessors. 

They anticipate that his leadership will drive the Agency’s mandate and guide its strategic direction, emphasizing sustainable environmental management and protection.

The appointment is seen as a strategic move to strengthen ZEMA’s capabilities in addressing environmental challenges and fostering sustainable practices. 

Mr. Mwiinga’s diverse skill set positions him well to navigate the complex landscape of environmental management and contribute to the agency’s ongoing efforts in safeguarding Zambia’s natural resources.

As Mr. Mwiinga assumes his role, stakeholders within and outside the environmental sector are eager to see the impact of his leadership on ZEMA’s initiatives. 

The newly appointed Director General is expected to play a pivotal role in advancing the agency’s mission and ensuring the continued preservation of Zambia’s rich and diverse ecosystems.

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