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Zambia and Korea Unite Forces to Combat Poverty

The Korean Ambassador to Zambia, H.E Mr. Park Jae-Kyung, engaged in discussions with the Minister of Community Development and Social Services, Honourable Doreen Mwamba MP, to solidify a partnership aimed at eradicating poverty in Zambia.

During the courtesy call, both parties emphasized their commitment to tackling poverty through education initiatives and the promotion of community-led developmental projects rooted in the principles of self-help, diligence, and cooperation.

Honourable Doreen Mwamba MP highlighted the Ministry’s unwavering efforts in implementing various social protection programs designed to alleviate poverty and vulnerability among the country’s less privileged populations. 

The minister specifically cited ongoing projects, such as the Saemaul Undong concept being piloted in Kafue and Chikankata Districts, which not only promise tangible improvements in targeted villages but also serve as a model for implementing future social protection programs.

Ms. Mwamba further expressed optimism about the potential of these initiatives to address emerging issues like cholera while reinforcing Zambia’s social safety nets.

In response, Korean Ambassador H.E Mr. Park Jae-Kyung pledged support for women empowerment and initiatives aimed at promoting mindset changes within communities. 

He affirmed Korea’s commitment to assisting Zambia by providing small grants for agricultural mechanization equipment, specifically targeting vulnerable but viable farmer households.

The collaborative efforts between Zambia and the Republic of Korea signify a shared vision for sustainable development and poverty reduction. 

The mutual commitment to education, community-led projects, and targeted support for vulnerable populations demonstrates a promising alliance that could serve as a blueprint for other nations grappling with similar challenges. 

As this partnership takes shape, it holds the potential to transform lives and uplift communities, fostering a brighter and more prosperous future for the people of Zambia.

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