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Notorious Criminal Shot Dead During Arrest Operation

Sebastian William Mulenga, a 38-year-old fugitive and suspected criminal with a long history of offenses, including the murder of Police Officer Constable Lungu, met his demise yesterday as he attempted to disarm a police officer during an arrest operation.

Mulenga, who had been on the police wanted list for various crimes, including the murder of Constable Lungu at the Toll Gate in Kasama in October 2021, was finally apprehended after a tip-off from concerned members of the public. 

The arrest took place at a lodge in the Chelstone area around 03:30 hours on January 23rd, 2024.

During the subsequent interrogations, Mulenga provided crucial information leading officers to a cemetery in Kapiri-Mposhi, where they recovered an AK 47 rifle stolen from Constable Lungu. 

Additionally, Mulenga confessed to raping a Chinese national and robbing her of two pistols and a motor vehicle, with further stolen items recovered at various locations, including Chingwere cemetery in Lusaka.

Mulenga also revealed his association with another dangerous criminal, Friday Mumba, who was apprehended by the Anti-Robbery squad in December 2023. 

Mumba, unfortunately, met a fatal end due to head injuries sustained after jumping off a police vehicle during investigations in the Eastern province.

On the evening of January 23rd, 2024, during a follow-up operation at Chingwere cemetery, Mulenga attempted to disarm a police officer, prompting another officer to respond by shooting him. 

Sustaining a gunshot wound to his back, Mulenga was rushed to the University Teaching Hospital, where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

The body of the notorious criminal currently resides in the same hospital mortuary, awaiting formal identification.

Deputy Police Public Relations Officer Danny Mwale confirmed these developments and emphasized the importance of collaboration between law enforcement and the public in bringing criminals to justice. 

The successful resolution of this case is expected to provide closure to the victims and their families affected by Mulenga’s criminal activities.

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