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Zambia and Mozambique Collaborate to Combat Transnational Organized Crimes

Zambia and Mozambique have convened the 12th Session of the Mozambique-Zambia Joint Permanent Commission on Defence and Security in Maputo, Mozambique to address the escalating threat of transnational organized crimes.

The two nations are expressing growing concerns over criminal activities such as smuggling, illegal migration, logging, and potential terrorism that pose significant challenges to peace and security in the region.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Norman Chipakupaku, the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Defence in Zambia, highlighted the urgent need for collaborative efforts in combating these transborder crimes. 

He emphasized that such criminal activities undermine peace and economic stability, urging both countries to work together to address these challenges.

Mr. Chipakupaku, leading the Zambian delegation, reaffirmed Zambia’s commitment to fostering collaborations that support peace-building and economic development. 

He emphasized the importance of supporting the defense and security apparatus to sustain and achieve joint development undertakings between the two countries, including recent projects such as the upgrading and expansion of the port of Nacala and the signing of Nacala development agreements.

The initiative aims to enhance cooperation levels between Zambia and Mozambique, leading to improved local businesses, economic growth, and job creation. 

The meeting also provides an opportunity to assess the level of implementation of recommendations from previous sessions and design actions for the fields of defense, public security, and state security.

Mozambique’s Ministry of Defence Permanent Secretary, Casimiro Muelo, echoed the sentiments of collaboration, emphasizing that combined efforts by the two countries can contribute to stabilizing security and promoting peace in the region. 

The Joint Permanent Commission meeting serves as a platform for comprehensive problem-solving and maintaining focus on meeting shared objectives.

The Zambian delegation, including Defence and Security Chiefs and senior Government officials, is actively participating in the 12th Session, reflecting the shared commitment of both nations to address and mitigate the challenges posed by transnational organized crimes.

Source: ZANIS

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