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ZCCP Urges Collaborative Efforts to Combat GBV

The Zambia Centre for Communication Project (ZCCP) – Kwatu has issued a rallying call for unified efforts among stakeholders to address the pervasive issue of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in Luapula Province. 

This plea came during a multi-disciplinary workshop on the management of GBV cases, hosted in Nchelenge district.

Rita Nachidze, Deputy Chief of Party for ZCCP – Kwatu, emphasized the project’s commitment to supporting the government’s initiatives in curbing GBV cases, with financial backing from USAID PEPFAR. 

The workshop focused on enhancing the capacity of stakeholders in the professional management of GBV survivor cases.

Ms. Nachidze underscored the importance of a multi-sectoral approach in the fight against GBV and urged stakeholders to collaborate effectively. 

She highlighted the existence of one-stop centers in almost all districts within the province, equipped with the necessary skills to handle GBV-related issues.

The Deputy Chief of Party revealed that the ZCCP – Kwatu project, spanning five years across all 12 districts, aims to significantly reduce GBV cases in Luapula Province by the project’s conclusion.

In his closing remarks, District Administrative Officer Katele Lengwe expressed gratitude to the American people, USAID PEPFAR, and ZCCP – Kwatu for investing in the training of a multi-disciplinary team. 

He acknowledged the extensive benefits of such training, emphasizing its role in knowledge transfer through orientations for other staff members.

Abraham Bupe, a participant and the District Health Director for Mwansabombwe district, highlighted the interconnectedness of preventing GBV and HIV transmission. 

He emphasized the need for holistic approaches to address these intertwined challenges.

The five-day training workshop brought together participants from Nchelenge, Chiengi, Kawambwa, and Mwansabombwe districts, fostering a collaborative and informed approach to tackle GBV in Luapula Province.

Source: ZANIS

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