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President Chakwera Calls for Unity and Resilience  

In a recent whistle tour through Chirimba and Chemusa Trading Centres in Blantyre City, President Lazarus Chakwera of Malawi urged citizens to unite across social, economic, and political divides. 

Emphasizing the importance of collective effort in addressing the country’s challenges, President Chakwera expressed his willingness to engage with diverse groups to discuss and collaboratively develop solutions for the nation.

During the tour, President Chakwera also encouraged Malawians to remain resilient in the face of difficulties, drawing attention to the positive and enduring spirit demonstrated by the people over the years. 

He assured citizens that positive changes were underway and urged them to trust in the process.

Addressing concerns related to resource misappropriation, President Chakwera cautioned individuals in positions of authority against diverting resources allocated for social protection programs for vulnerable households. 

Stressing the need for transparency and accountability, he emphasized the government’s commitment to ensuring that resources reach those who need them the most.

Moses Kunkuyu, the National Campaign Director of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and also the Minister of Information and Digitalisation, expressed gratitude on behalf of the people for the president’s visit. 

He highlighted various government initiatives, including job opportunities for youth in Israel, the construction of security houses, and the provision of maize to families facing food shortages.

Group Village Head Magasa of Traditional Authority Kapeni commended the Chakwera administration for implementing social protection programs that support vulnerable households. 

The president’s call for unity and resilience resonated with citizens, reflecting a shared commitment to overcoming challenges and building a stronger, more prosperous Malawi.

Additional Source: Malawi24

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