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Mutati Urges Alignment with National Development Plan as Five Boards Unveiled

The Ministry of Technology and Science, under the leadership of Minister Felix Mutati, is dedicated to unlocking the possibilities embedded in the eighth National Development Plan (8th NDP) through the strategic integration of science, technology, innovation, and skills development. 

Minister Mutati underscored the government’s unwavering commitment to effectively implementing well-interpreted policies. 

This commitment was prominently highlighted during the inauguration ceremony of interim management board members for six statutory institutions within the Ministry. 

This pivotal step signifies a concerted effort to propel forward vital sectors, including mining, agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing.

Minister Mutati highlighted the importance of these institutions aligning with government policies to navigate the ever-evolving landscape in science and technology. 

He expressed confidence in the expertise and vision of the inaugurated boards, considering them as key enablers to share and execute a collective vision for Zambia.

The Minister stressed the boards’ role in policy execution, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive understanding of each institution’s mandate through an in-depth induction. 

He directed the boards to interpret government policies and strategies aligned with the objectives of the 8th NDP, fostering a coherent approach towards national development.

Additionally, Minister Mutati urged the boards to appreciate the legal frameworks governing each institution, designed to promote progressive growth. Establishing performance contracts, according to the Minister, serves as a yardstick for measuring the execution of actioned work plans.

The Minister called for tangible and result-oriented work from the boards, envisioning a transformation in the lives of the Zambian people. He emphasized the significance of a diverse and collective team to drive the expected positive change.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Technology and Science, Dr. Brilliant Habeenzu, expressed gratitude for the appointment of interim board members, considering it a milestone in advancing science, research, technological innovation, and skills development in Zambia. 

Dr. Habeenzu highlighted the wealth of experience and expertise brought by the appointees, emphasizing a shared passion for contributing to the country’s growth and prosperity.

In a vote of thanks, Christabel Reinke commended the Ministry’s commitment to inaugurating the boards, signaling a dedication to achieving key performance indicators for the economy. 

She assured readiness from the boards to execute decisions at strategic levels across various mandates, aiming to exceed expectations and realize set goals.

The newly inaugurated interim board management members will serve critical roles in institutions such as the National Institute for Scientific and Industrial Research (NISIR), National Science and Technology Council (NSTC), National Remote Sensing Center (NRSC), National Technology Business Center (NTBC), Radiation Protection Authority (RPA), and the Zambia Institute of Management Board (ZAMIM).

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