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Zambian Ambassador Advocates for Educational Collaboration with Korean University

His Excellency Mr. Andrew Banda, the Zambian Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, engaged in discussions with Professor Chuang Tai-Joo, the President of Andong National University, aiming to enhance international cooperation in education. 

The talks were centered on exploring possible collaborations between Korean and Zambian universities, with a specific focus on education, research, and development.

Ambassador Banda commended South Korea’s remarkable transformation from a struggling economy to one of the world’s most developed nations, attributing this success to investments in education, science, and technology. 

Drawing parallels, he highlighted the commitment of the Government of the Republic of Zambia to these key pillars of national development.

Expressing optimism about the prospects of collaboration, Ambassador Banda looked forward to initiatives like scholarship programs, staff exchanges, and joint research projects. 

He emphasized the importance of leveraging educational partnerships to propel Zambia’s development forward.

President Chuang Tai-Joo of Andong National University reciprocated the enthusiasm, expressing the university’s eagerness to collaborate with Zambian counterparts. 

He called for the formalization of this commitment through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and indicated the university’s readiness to offer scholarships to Zambian students.

Professor Chuang highlighted Andong National University’s recognition by the Korean government as one of the 10 universities earmarked for future excellence. This acknowledgment further underscores the institution’s commitment to innovation and academic advancement.

In a related development during the visit, Ambassador Banda toured a site on the university campus where GivenTech, a Korean company, had installed a Hybrid Power System. 

This technology, considered highly suitable for rural areas, particularly in Zambia, drew praise from the ambassador. He envisioned its application in off-the-grid solutions for schools, clinics, and agro-processing facilities.

GivenTech’s President, Mr. Chang Han Kim, expressed his company’s interest in investing in Zambia, particularly in responding to the country’s renewable energy needs. This aligns with Zambia’s ongoing efforts to enhance sustainability and access to power in rural regions.

In an official statement issued by Zondi Chilembo, First Secretary of Tourism at the Embassy of the Republic of Zambia in Seoul, the potential collaborations are seen as a significant step towards strengthening the educational ties between Zambia and South Korea. 

As both nations look towards a shared future, these initiatives hold the promise of mutual benefits and advancements in education, technology, and sustainable energy solutions.

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