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Government Commends RDA for Empowering Council Engineers with Road Maintenance Training

The Zambian government has expressed appreciation for the Road Development Agency (RDA) in Northern Province for spearheading a capacity-building initiative. The training, focused on road maintenance, targeted engineers from various councils within the province, garnering commendation from government officials.

Northern Province Deputy Permanent Secretary, Lewis Mwape, lauded the RDA’s efforts, emphasizing the positive impact the training will have on local development. 

Speaking at the workshop held in Kasama, Mr. Mwape highlighted the crucial role of sustainable road infrastructure in fostering connectivity, accessibility, and overall socio-economic growth.

The deputy permanent secretary stressed the significance of the training in empowering engineers to be proactive in addressing road maintenance issues within their communities. 

He emphasized that the acquired knowledge would enable participants to effectively manage government resources and implement financial controls to ensure uniform road maintenance standards.

Mr. Mwape underscored the government’s commitment to establishing a robust road network that facilitates swift movements of goods and services. He sees this as vital for economic development and the well-being of the nation.

Benny Kashimoto, Acting Regional Manager of RDA Northern Province, reiterated the agency’s dedication to delivering high-quality road infrastructure to the Zambian people. He highlighted RDA’s mission, emphasizing the importance of strategic infrastructure projects and ongoing road maintenance activities.

According to Kashimoto, the training initiative seeks to standardize road maintenance practices across local authorities and the RDA, ensuring a harmonized approach. This collaborative effort aims to enhance the overall quality and longevity of road networks, contributing to the nation’s development objectives.

As the engineers undergo this training, the government anticipates a positive ripple effect on the maintenance of roads at the local level, ultimately leading to improved connectivity and sustained socio-economic growth across Northern Province.

Source: ZANIS

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