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ZAMMSA Takes Urgent Measures to Combat Cholera Outbreak

As the cholera epidemic continues to escalate in Zambia, the Zambia Medicines and Medical Supplies Agency (ZAMMSA) has intensified its efforts to address the crisis by distributing over 160,000 essential commodities. These commodities are crucial for both the treatment of existing cases and the prevention of further cholera spread.

In the past week, ZAMMSA has distributed a range of items, including 4,600 bottles of disinfectants, 43,000 packs of IV fluids, 50,000 examination gloves, 50,000 cannulas, and 8,000 infusion giving sets. 

The agency has also provided substantial quantities of oral rehydration salts (ORS), granular chlorine, mannitol solution, shrouds for both children and adults, and various protective clothing and gumboots for health workers.

This distribution aligns with the government’s call for a multi-sectoral approach to combat the cholera epidemic. ZAMMSA’s proactive response emphasizes the immediate need to manage and treat cholera cases effectively.

Bradley Chingobe, Senior Manager of Corporate Communications at ZAMMSA assures the public that the distribution process is ongoing, and additional products will be delivered nationwide. The agency is also actively pursuing the procurement of more items to ensure a seamless supply of key commodities required to effectively restrain the epidemic.

ZAMMSA remains steadfast in its commitment to providing cost-effective and high-quality medicines to all public health facilities across the nation. The agency’s dedication to combating cholera reflects a concerted effort to safeguard public health and well-being.

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