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All 15 Trapped Miners Retrieved Alive  

All 15 artisanal miners who were trapped underground at Redwing Mine in Penhalonga, ZImbabwe have been successfully retrieved alive after a harrowing ordeal caused by a shaft collapse. The incident occurred last Thursday, believed to be a result of a suspected earth tremor.

Rescue efforts, which commenced on Saturday after being briefly halted due to unstable ground conditions, proved successful, bringing relief to the families of the trapped miners who had been anxiously awaiting their rescue at the Penhalonga mine.

Minister of Mines, Soda Zhemu, confirmed the positive outcome, expressing gratitude for the collaborative efforts that led to the successful retrieval of all 15 miners. 

Zhemu stated, “We want to thank the miners who were trapped underground; they have started coming out, which is a good sign that the rescue efforts are bearing fruit. Those whom we have asked confirmed that 15 will come out, and they have been alive all these days.”

The Redwing Mine incident is the latest in a series of mining accidents in Zimbabwe, following the Bayhorse mine collapse in Chegutu in October of the previous year. The economic challenges faced by the country have driven many to informal mining in pursuit of potential riches, contributing to the risks associated with such activities.

The successful rescue operation at Redwing Mine highlights the importance of prompt and coordinated efforts in responding to mining emergencies. The incident serves as a reminder of the dangers faced by artisanal miners and the need for enhanced safety measures in the mining industry to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

Source: New Zimbabwe

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