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New Dawn Government Takes Decisive Actions Against Cholera Outbreak in Lusaka

The Information and Media Permanent Secretary, Mr. Thabo Kawana, in an effort to combat the ongoing cholera outbreak in Lusaka, on 6th January, 2024 announced the launch of a comprehensive City-wide Community Sensitization and a visit to the main Cholera centre at the National Heroes Stadium.

Addressing the citizens, Mr. Kawana conveyed the commitment of the New Dawn Government, led by President Hakainde Hichilema, in implementing a multifaceted approach to control cholera. 

President Hichilema has directed a significant policy change, declaring an end to the use of shallow wells as a source of drinking water in Lusaka and other urban areas.

The Zambia National Service (ZNS) is actively involved in ensuring the completion of drainage system improvements, recognizing the crucial link between poor drainage and cholera outbreaks. The government has allocated substantial resources, including medicines, to address the cholera pandemic.

A city-wide mobilization effort has been initiated, with over 300 water bowsers dispatched to hot spots, providing residents with access to clean drinking water. Simultaneously, pit latrines and septic tanks are being emptied to maintain hygiene standards.

In an innovative move, local carpenters have been engaged to manufacture special beds for the Cholera centre, underscoring the government’s commitment to providing quality care. 

Mr. Kawana appealed to stakeholders to join hands with the government in the fight against the pandemic, emphasizing that cholera is preventable and treatable.

The government’s proactive measures aim to ensure that no citizen succumbs to cholera, with a strong emphasis on early detection and seeking medical attention when symptoms such as profuse watery diarrhea and vomiting occur.

As the New Dawn Government takes decisive actions, it calls on citizens to cooperate, adhere to preventive measures, and contribute to the collective effort to eliminate cholera from Lusaka and safeguard public health.

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